February 2, 2020

Transportation, Housing, and Sustainability

Arlington is part of the Greater Boston community and the big issues that we face— housing, transportation, education, and sustainability affect every community in the region. That’s why cities and towns in this region must work together to provide affordable housing, increase access to transit and support public education. As the Chair of the Regional Transportation Advisory Council for the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization, which programs $2 billion of Federal surface transportation monies over 20-year time spans, I see how Arlington is viewed as a trailblazer in finding solutions. I will strengthen Arlington’s role as a leader by building relationships with planners and policy-makers in the region to generate ideas that create a more sustainable, livable Arlington.

I have ideas for improving transit that involves a major expansion in bus service and how to progressively pay for the transportation that merges such funding with the advent of new automobile technology. I am happy to discuss deep details about these ideas in conversations with anyone.

We also need to explore more ways to make our roads safer for pedestrians. Whether the collisions are caused by automobiles, cyclists and/or the pedestrians, let’s work with our Transportation Advisory Committee, Sustainable Transportation Policy Advisory Committee and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

To the extent that we see economic diversity as a means toward making our society more equitable and the social fabric stronger, then our housing policies on a local, regional and state level will need to continue to create and implement practices that guide market forces toward our goals. Through sustainable land use and transportation policies and practices, we can at a minimum reduce the rate of degradation to the environment and climate in the near term and then begin to reverse the damage done. Advocating for these changes and making these changes effectively requires persistent civic engagement. I’m well-suited to sticking with the effort of increasing civic engagement about any issue.