April 12, 2020

Message from Len Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Arlingtonians,

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in a profound way—most especially those who, or whose loved ones, have suffered or died from COVID-19. I find that I can rely on the town’s website, in general, and its COVID-19 Update page, in particular, as a great source of daily information about the many resources that the town is marshalling to help us deal with this very challenging situation. Most importantly, through the website, emails, and reverse-911 calls, the town is providing us with good guidance for keeping our community as safe and as healthy as possible.

As for me, physically I am in good health. I continue to adjust mentally, but overall, I consider myself to be fortunate. When I focus on the good things in my life, I feel a lot better; therefore, I think about the positives and moving forward. Part of moving forward certainly involves working on making Arlington even more resilient to acute and prolonged crises.

With respect to our local election, at the meeting on March 30, the Select Board voted to reschedule the Town elections to Saturday, June 6. The last day to register to vote has been changed to May 27. Also, please note that “residents will be able to request ballots for ‘early voting’ exclusively by mail per section 5 of Chapter 45.” I encourage anyone who has concerns about the safety of voting in person or their availability on June 6 to take advantage of this opportunity. You can apply for an early ballot here.

There are 3 ways to return the application:

  1. Email: jweber@town.arlington.ma.us (Janice Weber)
  2. Fax: 781-316-3079
  3. USPS: Town Clerk’s Office, 730 Mass. Ave., Arlington MA, 02476-4908

By whichever means you send the application, your signature must be visible!

As far as campaigning goes, I am being mindful and respectful that everyone else is dealing with major adjustments to their lives. I’d rather risk doing too little campaigning than risk being insensitive to the feelings of people in the community. That said, one supporter recently expressed that he welcomed a discussion of campaign-related issues. I am enthusiastic and willing to discuss anything with anyone via email or phone. Just send an email to len@digginsforselectboard.com, and I’ll respond via email and/or set up a time to talk.

Take care and stay safe!