Chris Porter

I am writing in support of Len Diggins for Select Board. I have worked with Len for years on the Regional Transportation Advisory Council and have found him to ask insightful questions and listen attentively to all viewpoints. Affordable housing, economic development, transportation and climate change are all issues that require regional solutions — not Read more about Chris Porter[…]

Adria Arch

I am delighted to endorse Len Diggins for Select Board. Len Diggins has so many strengths, interests and achievements that make him an outstanding candidate, but I’ve known Len primarily through my interactions as an artist and arts and culture leader in Arlington. Len contacted me in 2014 to interview me for a cable program Read more about Adria Arch[…]

Joe Curro

This is a year of transition for Arlington…  The Select Board will deeply feel the departure of Dan Dunn, who has brought a voice of reason to our proceedings and leaves a legacy that includes the successful renegotiation of the seemingly intractable Minuteman High School regional agreement…  A number of people are placing themselves before Read more about Joe Curro[…]

Christa Kelleher and Greg Dennis

In a presidential election year with so much at stake for the nation, we should not forget that local neighborhoods and communities are the building blocks of our democracy. Municipal government is at its best when it encourages residents to come together and address issues in a transparent, collaborative, and inclusive manner. It follows that Read more about Christa Kelleher and Greg Dennis[…]

Patrick Hanlon and Catherine Farrell

February is reassuring. Days grow longer; cardinals are calling; crocuses are appearing. It’s time to prepare for another local election in Arlington. We are delighted to put in a word for Select Board candidate Len Diggins. Len is among the most decent, dedicated, thoughtful, and, open people we know. But that is not all. Len Read more about Patrick Hanlon and Catherine Farrell[…]