January 30, 2020

About Len

Lenard Diggins was born in New Orleans in 1963 and moved to the Boston area in 1981. For most of the last 23 years, he has lived in Arlington with Jonathan, his loving and supportive partner.

Since returning to Arlington in 2006, Len has become increasingly active and engaged in our community.  Impressed with just how many Arlington residents are involved in leadership roles and how deeply they care about the future of this community, Len was inspired to run for — and win — a seat on Town Meeting, representing Precinct 3. 

Len believes that a representative Town Meeting like Arlington’s is only truly representative if people connect with each other and share their ideas and concerns with those who represent them. He has strived to create more ways for residents and their Town Meeting Members to come together, working with Envision Arlington to organize community precinct meetings.

Additionally, he serves on the Transportation Advisory Committee, the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee, and the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Action Plan Implementation Committee. He has chaired the MBTA Rider Oversight Committee and currently chairs the Regional Transportation Advisory Council of the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, which encompasses 97 cities and towns and oversees the programming of $2 billion of Federal transportation money.

Len has been involved in our community in a variety of ways, recording nearly every Select Board meeting over the last five years as an ACMi volunteer, creating a television series called “ART in Arlington,” and serving as a videographer for the Women’s Networking Group of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Len’s formal college education was in biology. He has done research in population and evolution genetics, as well as neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases). He has produced, edited and/or engineered many video programs for various audiences, including K-12 children.  In the early days of the Internet’s transition from a service restricted to educational and government institutions, Len worked for Software, Tool, & Die (a.k.a. “TheWorld”), the first commercial Internet service provider, where he performed technical support and systems administration. His skills include database management and robotic (small-instruments) programming.

Len is the quintessential “multipotentialite.” From his coding and research skills, he is able to break down problems into their constituent parts and then design tests with solid methodologies to provide data that can point toward solutions. His high school debate skills trained him early on in life to thoroughly understand all sides of an issue. His videography and editing skills have been avenues to exercise creativity.

All of these skills will serve Len well as a member of the Arlington Select Board.