Chris Wilbur

Arlington has obviously entered a very challenging time, socially, fiscally, medically, however you want to slice or dice it. With our town election coming up on JUNE 6, it’s more important than ever to think carefully about how we’ll choose new town leadership; and of course, even more importantly, to get out and actually vote on Election Day!

I’d like to write briefly in support of Len Diggins for one of the two open Select Board members. I’ve known Len for two years. He’s actually my neighbor a few houses down. I signed his nomination papers for Town Meeting in 2018. A year later he encouraged me to run for an open TM slot; he signed my papers and I was fortunate to win a three-year term, which has been a great experience for me.

Since then I’ve worked closely with Len on various town matters. I’ve been impressed by him both as a person and as an activist and advocate for the town. His knowledge, friendliness, apparently boundless energy, compassion, and commitment are all, in my view, exemplary. He is also more than up to speed with how Arlington and the Select Board work, having attended Select Board meetings regularly in recent years. He already knows and has working relationships with the current SB attendees and other key town officials. He’ll hit the ground running.

Len has also impressed me with his responsiveness to new ideas and suggestions. He can be counted on to take one’s concerns seriously and knows how to investigate and advance an idea at Town Hall that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

In the unprecedented challenges now facing the town in 2020, we need leaders who think creatively and know how to work effectively and support each other as a team. We also need leaders who want to meet their constituents and hear their stories. I believe Len qualifies superbly on all counts.

I urge everyone to vote, to get involved, and consider supporting Len Diggins for Select Board. Thank you!