Sue Doctrow

As a new Select Board member, I am voting for Len Diggins, after observing a uniformly civil, very respectful 3-candidate race. I first met Len through his participation in Envision Arlington, where he organized precinct meetings, seeking to give all residents the chance to learn about town government, meet their TM members, and provide input on local issues. In our conversations, I find Len to be kind, thoughtful and, above all, very open-minded and independent. He strives to really listen (and to hear), to seek common ground with others and, in particular, to address even the most controversial issues calmly and respectfully. Crucial to my choice is that Len has prepared himself for the highest elected office in Arlington through prior service to the town. He is a TM member, representing Precinct 3. This position involves not only voting on town bylaws and appropriations but, importantly, enables us to learn in detail about how our town government functions. A transportation leader at the local and regional levels, Len serves on the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), an appointed body advising the Select Board on traffic and safety issues. The TAC is known for thorough, data-driven, yet also sensitive and respectful, approaches to complex traffic challenges that can inflame neighborhoods. As an ACMi volunteer, Len has filmed, and thus observed, many Select Board meetings for years. This has not only advanced his goals to bring town government closer to its residents but has also given him a very detailed view of the higher office he seeks.