Brucie Moulton

I support Len Diggins for a seat on the Arlington Select Board.  Over the last several years, I have gotten to know Len through community groups and events.  He demonstrates a consistent, high level of engagement with people, processes, and issues.  A careful and thoughtful listener, he looks for information, ideas and perspectives from many sources which he applies to problem solving focused on the needs and welfare of his community.

Len practices community engagement locally, in Arlington, as well as at the regional level.  His long-term, very active engagement with Arlington Community Media inc, as well as his more recent work with Town Meeting and Envision Arlington, give him a close-up understanding of many Town issues.  His regional perspective derives in part from serving as past chair of the MBTA’s Rider Oversight Committee,, and as current chair of the Regional Transportation Advisory Council (Boston Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization), Transportation solutions are critical to individual and community economic wellbeing and to achieving Arlington’s net zero by 2050 goal.

At any time, bringing this kind of dual perspective on our community – close-up and big picture – is a valuable asset in a Select Board member. It will be especially valuable when every community, and our state as a whole, must adapt to the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic.

On two occasions, I have had the pleasure of brainstorming local solutions with Len. One related to an idea for filling in the “last mile” gaps between home and public transit.  Another concerned ways to engage more student and adult residents in Town issues. Both conversations were substantive and productive.  I came away both times with a lasting and positive sense of Len’s engagement with community issues, his readiness to participate in planning and action, and also his qualities as a human being.  He will serve Arlington well.   

Please be sure to vote, either by mail or on election day, June 6th.