Laura Wiener and Josh Lobel

We are pleased to support Len Diggins for the Select Board.  Laura worked with Len on the Regional Transportation Advisory Council for two years and also collaborated with him on a forum on autonomous vehicles.   It was a pleasure to work with him in this capacity as he always brought creativity and a lot of positive energy to the tasks at hand.

Len has a “complete streets” perspective on transportation – one that serves everyone – transit riders, pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.  Transportation is critical to the success of a community, and Arlington is fortunate to have many options.  Lens understanding of the complexity of the transportation system and its many challenges will serve us all well.  And that was all pre-COVID.  A creative informed player in this area will be even more critical in the near future.

Josh has worked with Len as a Town Meeting Member and was impressed with his townwide contributions to encouraging neighborhood precinct meetings through Envision Arlington.  This was no surprise, as fostering ongoing communication is also one of Len’s passions. 

We also feel that his experience assisting with the broadcasting of the Select Board meetings for the last 5 years makes him well positioned to understand the many complex issues facing the Board.  His attitude and expertise should complement the other members well.

We think he will be a great addition to Arlington’s Select Board and urge you to cast one of your two votes for Len!