Elaine Shea

I endorse Len Diggins for Select Board. I am impressed by his kindness and his character. He is a great listener, more interested in wanting to know your concerns, rather than promoting his. He is a man of integrity, who walks his talk to do what he can to enrich our Arlington community. Len is a man of commitment. Anyone who would volunteer to record the Select Board meetings for five years is committed to the importance of town governance.

Connections are important to Len. I love that he wants to create a Youth Advisory Council to engage young people in the workings of the town. He has been very involved with Envision Arlington, encouraging more collaboration between various boards and members. His desire to work for stronger neighborhood connections, will enhance the well-being of our town. I am delighted that he is committed to resolving important issues of social inequality, which will strengthen our connections to each other.

I believe Arlington will be well served with Len Diggins as the new member of our Select Board. I support him enthusiastically.