Ben Rudick

As the founder of Arlington Neighbors for More Neighbors, a Facebook group that advocates for a future where housing is abundant, secure and affordable to all, I write in support of Len Diggins for Select Board.

We face a severe and growing housing crisis in Arlington. The cost of owning or renting a home in Arlington has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. This is to be expected: Boston’s economy has been red hot (Covid-19 notwithstanding), creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs and we effectively stopped adding to the housing supply in the 1980s.

The consequences are increasingly evident: We’re becoming a richer, less inclusive, less diverse town. We’re on the path of “business as usual,” perhaps adding a few dozen more units here or there, but nothing compared to the scale of the need.

Len Diggins understands the housing issue and the need for significant change to address it. He doesn’t have a silver-bullet solution (not that such a thing exists), but he’s deeply aware of the issue and is passionately searching for answers. He understands that Arlington needs to grow, and that it must change physically if we are to preserve our diverse community and inclusive values.

Furthermore, he has tremendous experience in and vision for improving our transportation systems, having served on a variety of local and region-wide committees and planning bodies. This is essential if we are going to increase our housing stock.

Please join me in voting for Len Diggins on June 6. A form to print out an absentee ballot is available on the town’s website.