Barbara Thornton

I’ve known Len Diggins for a number of years.  I first met him at the gym over a conversation about transportation policy in Arlington.  I’d seen him before many times as he attended Arlington meetings as a volunteer to record the meetings for ACMI.  Over recent years we both participate as elected representatives of our respective precincts in Town Meeting.

Len is smart, easy to talk to, interested in Arlington community civic issues and curious to know what I, and others, think.  He’s a great listener, a rare enough attribute.

But what is really impressive about Len is that he goes beyond listening.  When he senses a consensus in the community, an opportunity to make an improvement in how the town functions, he takes action.  In the last couple of years I’ve watched him take action on an issue that I strongly believe has and will continue to make a huge difference in strengthening the civic fiber of the Arlington community. 

In the New England Town Meeting form of government, as it has evolved over the last couple of hundred years, there is an unfortunate growing separation between the individual citizens and the Town Meeting members that they elect.  Through his work with the Envision Arlington group (capably led by Juli Brazile) he worked to encourage Town Meeting members in each precinct to schedule community meetings to gather citizens together and listen to the concerns of their citizens.  Brilliant.  I hope this effort will continue.

Len brings a wide range of interests with him.  His academic training includes biology, evolution genetics, neurodegeneration, database management and robotic programming.  His volunteer positions include videographer for the Women’s Networking Group of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Regional Transportation Advisory Council, covering 97 cities and towns and overseeing $2 Billion in Federal transportation money.  In Arlington he serves on the Transportation Advisory Committee, the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee and the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Action Plan Implementation Committee.

I urge you to cast a vote on June 6 for Len Diggins, Select Board.  Let’s put his deep experience with Arlington issues to use on behalf of all Arlington citizens!