Adria Arch

I am delighted to endorse Len Diggins for Select Board.

Len Diggins has so many strengths, interests and achievements that make him an outstanding candidate, but I’ve known Len primarily through my interactions as an artist and arts and culture leader in Arlington. Len contacted me in 2014 to interview me for a cable program about local artists that he hosted for ACMi. I was so impressed with the very fact that there was someone in Arlington who was interested enough in our local arts and culture scene to document it with a regular program. Later, Len began to video Chairful Where You Sit, and then Storefront Stories- some of the public art events that I was involved with.

I was thrilled to hear that Len is running for Select Board, knowing about his commitment to our thriving local arts and culture scene. We need more Select Board members with strong support for arts and culture, and a true understanding of its importance to the town as not only an economic driver but as a way to enrich lives and bring together a diverse community such as Arlington. A community that preserves and supports arts and culture demonstrates to its young people that skill, creativity and expression is valued.

Please stand with me to vote for Len Diggins on Saturday, April 4.