Steve Revilak

I got to know Len Diggins through town meeting (we’re both town meeting members), and through his Envision Arlington work to organize precinct meetings every spring and fall.  If you’re not from New England, Town Meeting is a strange creature; Len wanted to help residents learn about how town government works, and encourage dialog between residents and their town meeting members.  He’s fond of saying “in a local government, the government is us”, and really understands the value in getting people to come together, collaborate, and find common ground.

But the thing that really impresses me about Len: he’s a total transportation geek.  He serves on the MBTA Rider Oversight Committee and is a member of the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Regional Transportation Advisory Council — a group which manages a $2 billion budget for 20 years of transit improvements.  Len can talk in great detail about transit system capacity, the importance of bus yards, opportunities and challenges that will come with autonomous vehicles, and the need to make roadways safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Arlington is part of the traffic-congested Metro-Boston area, and I think it’s critically important to have someone on the Select Board with extensive knowledge of the regional transit system, and a solid understanding of how to improve it.  Transit matters, and a better regional transit system will be better for Arlington too. This is why I have a busload of support for Len Diggins, and I hope you’ll consider giving him one of your Select Board votes on April 4th.