Ted Peluso

Arlington is a great place to live and is among the highest rated towns in the Boston area and even nationally for towns its size. There are ratings of towns by different agencies and Arlington scores very high for livability and schools. Why is that? To me, who has lived here for more than 10 years and been active in town committees and with Town Meeting, a big part of that has to do with Town and School District leadership, along with many dedicated residents who love this Town and dedicate their time to it through volunteering and town activities.  

So how else do I know Arlington is great? Well, over an almost 60-year marriage, my wife and I have lived in three different states and in nine locations. Plus, I spent a 36-year career as an outside auditor for clients including several municipalities. Then I worked for a major city in Westchester County, NY as its Interim Financial Executive for one year and then for six years as a city employee serving in a consulting capacity.  

And now there is an opening for a new member of the Select Board.  I am supporting and voting for Len Diggins. His election will continue and even enhance that terrific Select Board leadership. I checked it out. If you go onto Len’s website – www.digginsforselectboard.com – you will see his credentials for the position as a very active and dedicated volunteer. You will also note that his candidacy has been endorsed by many knowledgeable town leaders and residents, quite a few whom I know and whose opinions I fully respect.

I’ve observed Len at different meetings and seen the great results of his volunteer activities. But I also needed to check him out myself. I met with Len, one on one, for a lengthy and meaningful talk. In my opinion, Len is absolutely the right person to become our new Select Board Member. I encourage you to vote for Len on Saturday, April 4th.