Jennifer Susse

When I first heard that Lenard Diggins was running for Select Board, I knew only a few things about him. I knew that he is smart and enthusiastic, that he is well versed in Arlington’s town governance, and that people who know him think the world of him. As I’ve come to learn more about Len my respect for him has deepened. 

I’ve learned about the passion and enthusiasm he has brought to many of his ventures—from his high school debate experience, to his early career in biological research, to his volunteer work for ACMi. I’ve also learned that he is spending his spare time reading through the town by-laws…and enjoying doing so! But, most importantly, I’ve watched him connect with a wide variety of people in town—always in ways that is respectful of their lived experience, even in cases where he disagrees.

In many ways Lenard isn’t a natural politician—he doesn’t like polished stump speeches, occasionally gets tired of “working the room,” and fearlessly discusses ‘sensitive topics’. In other ways, he is naturally political (in the best sense) in that his entire attention is focused on connecting with people, hearing their concerns, and looking for solutions. For all these reasons, and many more, I wholeheartedly support Lenard Diggins for Select Board and ask that you give him one of your two votes on Saturday, April 4th